Working package

Social Impacts

Translate UPWELL data and findings into decision-making products.

Based on the scientific knowledge obtained by the other working packages, this team will generate scientific inputs (policy-briefs, perspective-papers) that will support our interaction and work with decision makers in co-producing tools to face environmental variability in coastal areas. Its members will coordinate the training of graduate students and young scientists in this area, exposing them to the challenge of contributing to public policies.

Principal investigator

Eugenia Gayo

Biologist, Universidad de Concepción. PhD in Biological Sciences (specialized in Ecology), Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Young researcher

María José Martínez-Harms

Natural Resources Engineer, Universidad de Chile. PhD in Ecology, University of Queensland, Australia.

Senior researcher

Laura Farías

Oceanographer, Universidad Nacional del Sur de Bahía Blanca. PhD in Oceanography, Universidad de Concepción.

Senior researcher

Calogero Santoro

Archaeologist, Universidad del Norte. PhD in Anthropology (specialized in Archeology), University of Pittsburgh, USA.

Senior researcher

José Rutllant

Civil Electrical Engineer, Universidad de Chile. PhD in Climatology, University of Wisconsin, USA.

Senior researcher

Sergio Navarrete

Marine Biologist, Universidad de Concepción. PhD in Ecology, Oregon State University, USA.