Senior researchers

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Laura Farías

Oceanographer specialized in the study of ocean-atmosphere interactions in biogeochemical cycles, isotopic biogeochemistry and the recycling of climatically active gases in coastal and Antarctic ecosystems. Her research focuses on understanding the relationship between climate change and greenhouse gases, specifically the dynamics of nitrous oxide and methane, and the role of microbial activity.

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Calogero Santoro

Archaeologist who has developed studies on the coast and interior of the Atacama Desert, seeking to understand interactions between human societies and the environment, from the initial settlement of South America until recent times. His research focuses on the diversity of cultural responses that hunter-gatherer, potter, herder, and farmer groups have developed in response to climate change over time.

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Sergio Navarrete

Biologist whose investigations have focused on the dynamics and diversity of coastal marine communities and the role of physical forcings and ecological interactions on the productivity, dispersal, and recruitment of mollusk, algal, and fish communities. Through his studies he explores the relationship biodiversity-function in ecosystems, and the structure and dynamics of trophic and non-trophic interactions in complex ecological networks.

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José Rutllant

Climatologist. His research explores climate dynamics along the arid and semi-arid coast of Chile, including upwelling zones and how these affect patterns in precipitation, winds and coastal cloudiness. His studies have allowed to validate climate simulation models and understand past and future variability in upwelling zones.