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Adrien Chevallier

Engineer in Fisheries Ecology whose research has focused on coastal socio-ecological systems with an integrated approach, considering links between fisheries and applied management, ecology, physical oceanography and the socio-economic dimension involving coastal stakeholders. His studies aim to understand the spatio-temporal dynamics of coastal socio-ecological systems in order to contribute to decision making oriented to improve the welfare of their communities and ensure biodiversity conservation.

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Dharma Reyes

Dharma is a biologist and the focus of her research is on understanding past changes in the hydrology of the equatorial and southeastern Pacific. To do so, she has been using stable isotope, radiocarbon, trace element, benthic and planktonic foraminiferal geochemistry in marine sediment records, which reveal information about the water column and bottom water characteristics such as density, aeration, age, relative nutrient content and dissolved oxygen.

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Matías Pizarro-Koch

Matías is a Marine Biologist with a specialty in Physical Oceanography. His research area is focused on coupled physical-biogeochemical modeling of the ocean, with interest in the spatio-temporal variability of the Minimum Oxygen Zones (MOZ) of the Southeast Pacific. During his career he has sought to understand the contributions of advection, mixing and biogeochemical processes on the dissolved oxygen balance at different spatiotemporal scales.

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Sandra Rebolledo Canales

Sandra Rebolledo Canales is an archaeologist. Her research has mainly focused on the coastal communities of the South Pacific of America, including the northern and southern Chile. She has specialized in the ichthyoarchaeological analysis from shell middens and the methodological issues associated with these kind of studies. She has also developed a line of research with a feminist approach linked to the archaeological discourse about fishing through the study of images and texts in specialized and popular  scientific literature.

Carolina Godoy Aguirre

Carolina is an archaeologist graduated from the Universidad de Chile and holds a PhD in Ecology from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Her research focuses on human-environment interaction, with a special emphasis on the relationship between human groups and the components of the vegetation landscape at different temporal scales. Her study techniques include a wide range of methodologies emanating from archaeobotany and paleoecology, among which are the analysis of macro- and micro-plant remains in archaeological sites, and the multi-proxy study of lacustrine sedimentary records.

Matías Frugone

Matías has a degree in Biology, specialized in Quaternary Geology and Global Change. His research seeks to understand and explain, from a multidisciplinary approach, the mechanisms that control the spatial and temporal dynamics of biogeochemical cycles in past, present and future environmental systems, which have been or may be disturbed by climatic and/or human factors. To do this, he uses geochemical tools to study the organic and inorganic matter obtained from sedimentary records, soils and/or plants.