Call open for the Hybrid Workshop “A synthesis of Cenozoic paleoceanographic proxies for seawater oxygenation”


    The Past Climates research group of The Lyell Center – Heriot-Watt University invites you to participate in the hybrid workshop “A synthesis of Cenozoic paleoceanographic proxies for seawater oxygenation”, which will be held as part of the activities of the 14th International Conference on Paleoceanography (ICP14), on September 3, 2022, in Bergen, Norway.

    The call focused on researchers working on the development and calibration of oxygen proxies in seawater. For logistical reasons, the workshop will be limited to 30 participants.

    The workshop goal is to facilitate a conversation around and generate a review of Cenozoic paleoceanographic proxies for assessing seawater oxygen concentrations (qualitative and quantitative), with in-depth discussion of potential restrictions, issues, and specific regional applications.

    Over the last decade, various new proxy methods have been proposed, while there has simultaneously been refinement of traditional proxies. Thus, it is our belief that developing a state-of-the-art synthesis and enhancing community discussion in this area would be a timely contribution to the field.

    To learn more about the workshop, visit the Past Climates website by clicking here. To participate, complete the form available by clicking here.