Working package

Humboldt Ecology

Taxonomic and functional structure of the ecosystems of the Humboldt Current System (HCS). Physical and biotic data to calibrate and validate models.

The objective of the working package is to generate ecological and physical data on the marine and terrestrial systems from the northern coast of Chile, in order to calibrate upwelling models and climate dynamics. It will also provide information to evaluate the role of natural and anthropogenic factors in driving the long-term evolution of HCS socio-ecological systems.

Principal investigator

Bernardo Broitman

Biologist, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. PhD in Ecology (specialized in Evolution and Marine Biology), University of California, USA.

Associate researcher

Antonio Maldonado

Biologist, Universidad de Chile. PhD in Science (specialized in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Universidad de Chile.

Adjunct researcher

Marcelo Rivadeneira

Marine Biologist, Universidad Arturo Prat. PhD in Biological Sciences (specialized in Ecology), Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Young researcher

Adriana Aránguiz

Marine Biologist, Universidad de Valparaíso. PhD in Biology and Evolutionary Ecology, Universidad de Chile.

Senior researcher

Sergio Navarrete

Marine Biologist, Universidad de Concepción. PhD in Ecology, Oregon State University, USA.

Postdocs researchers

Adrien Chevallier

Engineer in Fisheries Ecology, Université de Montpellier.
PhD in Biology and Applied Ecology (BEA), Universidad Católica del Norte.